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Designed, engineered and manufactured by Marino Custom Display, this elegant two sided convex all wood floor display does it all.

It's easy for passerby's to be captured by the sleek curved modern appearance enhanced with its gracefully curved wood panels meticulously framed in solid oak hardwood, providing the utmost in strength and stability, while occupying so very little floor space.

Every peice of wood is hand selected and color matched to bring out the natural beauty and warmth that only wood can achieve.

Marino's expertly crafted one-of-a-kind curved display stand is offered in ten beautiful wood finishes, as well as an endless array of paint finishes, allowing this exquisite display floor stand to blend perfectly in any environment.

Due to its eye-catching convex design, Marino's Top loading frame curved poster display stand is viewable from just about any angle, designed and constructed to attract attention, built brand recognition and associate your message with class, weight and distinction.

Check out the versatility and options of our bestselling two sided curved display floor stand. Compatible with our interchangeable components: standard cork bulletin boards, high density cork bulletin boards in 11 colors, black changeable letter boards, changeable magnetic rate displays, white erasable marker boards, posters and graphics, black dry erase marker boards, magnetic whiteboards, black magnetic chalkboards, acrylic protective face panels, snap on acrylic literature holders in various sizes, curved and arched headers with custom copy, stone-textured cork bulletin boards, matching wood panels, LED lighting, swing open curved door, casters for easy mobility and easily converts to 2 or 3 tier poster or display frame.

Behr Colors

Marino Custom Display offers the most complete line of solid wood floor poster stands found anywhere.

Marino's signature one, two, three, four and six sided poster display stands are genuinely distinctive, superbly crafted and extremely functional, having the versatility to accommodate any of our interchangeable components.

There's no longer a reason to settle for a poster stand that does not fully meet your needs or blend in with your decor. The hundreds of floor poster stands You’ll find here at Marino Custom Display in wood, acrylic and metal are only a sampling of what we can offer our customers. We now make it so simple to literally create millions of one-of-a-kind floor standing poster stands and display floor frames.

Need sizes modified? Want to match a particular finish? Looking for inserts, literature holders, customized headers, or add ons? We have the solution!

Made in the USA with PrideWood Floor Poster Stands - Display FramesAt Marino Custom Display, we can cost effectively build you the perfect poster stand to your exact size requirements. Plus, we offer unlimited design and feature options, along with the ability to custom match any finish you provide to us and you don't have to order 100, 50 or even 10 poster stands because you're buying direct from the World s leading manufacturer of wood poster display stands. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and inexpensively we can build you that one perfect poster stand with the versatility and functionality that allows you to get the most use out of every inch of floor space and the results will always exceed your expectations.

All our legendary wood poster stands are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. View our huge selection of promotional posters, standard or custom, printed any size, on any material you desire.

Handcrafted in a variety of finishes, these wood floor poster stands will add a classic touch to any decor.

  • Add promotional posters or rate displays and turn these poster stands into custom information centers.
  • All wood poster stands are available in 8 furniture quality finishes that are sure to coordinate with all your branch interiors.
  • Add optional curved headers and literature holders to promote and sell your product or service.
  • Place poster stands in key traffic areas for maximum exposure.

Traditional or contemporary, we have the solution for you at an attractive price!

We're always more than happy to customize or modify any of our wood display stands, and poster sign floor stands to your exact specifications. Most of our wood floor poster stands are in stock and are ready to ship today.

Marino's signature display frames are genuinely distinctive, superbly crafted, and extremely functional with the versatility to accommodate any of our interchangeable components including:

High Density Cork Boards

White Markerboards

Posters, Signs & Graphics

Stone-textured Tackboards

Acrylic Protective Panels

Black Magnetic Chalkboards

White Magnetic Markerboards

Magnetic Rate Displays

Curved & Arched Headers

LED Lighting

Matching Wood Panels

Black Markerboards

Magnetic Letterboards

Felt Letterboards

Wood Tack Boards

Rate Displays

Vinyl Letterboards

Literature Holders

Wood Poster Stands, Sign Stands & Display Frames

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