Water Cooler Cabinets with Side Shelving

Water Cooler Cabinets with Side ShelvingYou can now enjoy one of nature’s single most important necessities in style with our elegant custom water cooler cabinets complete with built in side shelving featured in over 200 beautiful finishes.

Designed, engineered, manufactured and distributed by Marino Custom Display Woodworking, these top of the line custom water dispenser enclosure cabinets are available in your choice of wood, laminate, metal, and solid surfacing materials.

Water Cooler Cabinets with Side ShelvingMarino’s custom water cooler cabinets make refilling of water containers extremely quick and easy. Simply tilt the top portion of the cabinet forward with ease, activating the concealed hinging mechanism built into the cabinet. The bottom section of the water cooler cabinet, complete with a finished back and solid bottom, as well as the shelving remains stationary. There’s no need to struggle trying to slide the water cooler cabinet away from the wall, risking the possibility of damage to your floor.

Once the plastic water container is refilled, simply lift the top portion of the cabinet upward and the cabinet perfectly re-aligns itself once again.

Marino’s custom water cooler cabinets come to you direct from the manufacturer 100% fully assembled. Instantly your water cooler cabinet is ready for use.

Water Cooler Cabinets with Side ShelvingWe can easily customize our water cooler cabinets to accommodate any accessory currently equipped on your water cooler, such as bottom freezers or refrigerators.

Greatly enhance and beautify that worn out unattractive plastic water cooler with a high quality, great looking water cooler cabinet or water cooler enclosure.

Want to match your existing home or office finish? No problem, just send us a small sample and we’ll do the rest!

Marino’s custom water cooler cabinets or water dispenser enclosures are available in over 200 beautiful finishes and loads of optional accessories to satisfy your every need.

Water Cooler Cabinets with Side ShelvingWhether you choose one of our water cooler cabinets or you’re looking for a truly custom look, Marino Custom Display will deliver an exceptional product directly to your home or office that will exceed your expectations.

Present a clean, neat and more professional atmosphere with our unique custom water cooler enclosures and water cooler cabinets.

Marino Custom Display water dispenser enclosures and water cooler cabinets are specifically designed and manufactured to be durable long lasting and easy to clean.

We're always more than happy to customize or modify any of our water cooler cabinets or water cooler enclosures to your exact specifications.

Standard Wood Finishes

Standard Wood Finishes