DecoAurora Markerboards

DecoAurora is offered in an array of twelve inserts for you to choose whichever best suits your taste (9 vibrant colors and 3 wood grain choices). The four multi-faceted corner connectors, aluminum framing, and color insert strips gracefully come together for a highly complementary look. The 3/4" wide thermoplastic PVC inserts not only add a splash of color, but also serve to conceal the wall mounting hardware leaving no exposed fasteners. DecoAurora is available with either a magnetic dry erase marker or a tackable vinyl surface. Markerboards feature protective end caps on the accessory tray and come with markers and an eraser.

DecoAurora Markerboards
DecoAurora Markerboards
  • Stylish multi-faceted corners and aluminum framing
  • Wood-look or color strips coordinate with interior furnishings and conceal all mounting hardware
  • Frame inserts available in three rich wood looks and seven bold colors (shown below)
  • Porcelain-on-steel surface accepts magnets and resists scratches and stains
Style # Size Accessories Included Price
*Add the color option code (shown below) to each Style # for specific color
DFM__34 3ft x 4ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $375
DFM__44 4ft x 4ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $469
DFM__46 4ft x 6ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $585
DFM__48 4ft x 8ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $709
DFM__410 4ft x 10ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $1,015
DFM__412 4ft x 12ft 1 eraser, 4 color erasable markers $1,170
Additional Accessories Price
Foam Erasers (12 pack) $39
4 Markers - Assorted Colors $15
4 Markers - Blue Ink $15
4 Markers - Black Ink $15
4 Markers - Green Ink $15
4 Markers - Red Ink $15
Sparkleen Cleaner (8 fl oz) $90
DecoAurora Colors
DecoAurora Markerboards