Cork Board & Bulletin Board Displays

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Why high density cork boards?

cork board light reflection

Light Reflection

Available in matte colors so that light reflection cause by sunlight or articial light is reduced.

cork board materials


Bulletin resilient tackable surface sheet material. Does NOT dry out, peel, crack or crumble. Tacks can be inserted easily and gripped firmly

cork board anti-static


Our HD cork boards are naturally anti-static. This property makes cleaning easier because dirt and dust does not cling to the surface as it does with other materials

cork board construction


Constructed of a homogeneous tackable surface material made primarily of natural materials including linseed oil, cork, rosin binders and dry pigments mixed and calendared onto a natural jute backing. The uni-color extends throughout the thickness of the material.

cork board bacteria resistant

Resistance to Bacteria

Provides a self-sanitizing quality in the form of a bacteriostatic effect. Independent testing has shown that our bulletin boards have a sterile zone around the material that inhibits the growth of organisms such as Staphylococcus aureas and Costridium difficile

cork board washable


The linoleum surface provides for a washable finish to retain original appearance. The surface can be wiped or washed using a neutral pH cleaner, such as Forbo Marmoleum Floor Cleaner. Rinse with clean water after cleaning.

Almost all of our wood floor stands and wood wall frames are compatible with our high density cork board inserts!

*Cork board inserts may not be included in price. Please check product details!

Most of our wood displays are compatible with the high density cork board inserts we offer. Check out our floor displays or our wall displays to find the perfect display for your needs!