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Magnetic Rate Boards

Rate Boards
Style #SizePrice
MRD2822"w x 28"h$360
Includes 12 replaceable account strips,
1 header strip, 1 disclosure strip
MRD3622"w x 36"h$495
Includes 16 replaceable account strips,
1 header strip, 1 disclosure strip
MRD4822"w x 48"h$597
Includes 22 replaceable account strips,
1 header strip, 1 disclosure strip
  • Each changeable magnetic rate board includes 544 die-cut self aliging magnetic numbers 0-9, plus decimals and percentages; plus plastic compartment case for easy storage.
  • Includes your custom copy (logos additional)
  • Changeable magnetic rate displays perfectly fit and match all of our convex and flat solid oak floor and wall frames.
  • Marino's rate displays arrive at your door with all precision changeable magnetic strips in place set in wood frame (optional).
  • Includes heavy duty concealed wood hanging cleat to provide quick and easy removal and replacement of entire rate display frame from wall.
  • Also available in solid brass, bronze, or stainless steel (15% additional).
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Optional Posters

Optional Posters
*Display frames sold separately
Add your custom logo for an additional one-time fee
High Quality Paper Graphics
8.5" x 11"$17.00$16.30
22" x 28"$29.50$25.20
24" x 36"$39.50$35.28
High Quality Laminated Graphics
8.5" x 11"$20.00Call
22" x 28"$33.50Call
24" x 36"$49.50Call
View all of our promotional graphics

Magnetic Letter Boards

Optional Magnetic Letterboards
Free Magnetic Letter Board

Magnetic Letter Boards perfectly fit all of our wood display frames. Each Deluxe Letterboard includes 602 die-cut, self-aligning magnetic numbers and letters and a plastic compartment case. Custom printed color strips available. Numbers and letters color match board perfectly.

Style #SizePrice
MLB2822"w x 28"h$119
MLB3622"w x 36"h$140
MLB4822"w x 48"h$170

Whiteboards & Magnetic Whiteboards

Whiteboards and marker boards

Deluxe Marker Board now available to fit all of our wood display frames. Image goes on wet, dries instantly and can easily be removed dry with a standard chalkboard eraser, leaving no shadow residue. Choose between magnetic or non-magnetic white enamel smooth surface. Available in 3 standard sizes.

Style #SizePrice
DMB2822"w x 28"h$65
DMB3622"w x 36"h$87
DMB4822"w x 48"h$105
MMB28 (magnetic)22"w x 28"h$78
MMB36 (magnetic)22"w x 36"h$99
MMB48 (magnetic)22"w x 48"h$117


Optional Headers for Convex Units
Arched Wood Headers
Convex Laminate Headers
Style #DescriptionPrice
CH-22 sided laminate convex header$80
CH-33 sided laminate convex header$110
CH-100WH2 sided arched wood header (22" wide)$119
CH-200WH2 sided arched wood header (28" wide)$139
SH-44 sided laminate header$235
Custom copy for any header$20

Acrylic Literature & Brochure Holders

5 pocket literature dispenser
Acrylic Brochure Holders
Style #Literature SizePocketsPrice
LH05B (Black)4" x 9"5$73
LH05C (Clear)4" x 9"5$73
Includes adjustable dividers to allow varying widths

Optional Headers Acrylic Literature Dispensers
Style #Literature SizePocketsPrice
LDP-44" x 9"4$53
LDP-54" x 9"5$66
LDP-124" x 9"12$160
LDP-154" x 9"15$197
CLH-128.5" x 11"1$20
LH-3T18.5" x 11"3$78
LH-4T18.5" x 11"4$89
All 8.5" x 11" pockets can hold either 8.5" x 11" material or hold two 4" x 9" brochures

High Density Cork Board & Bulletin Board

cork board colors
Style #SizePrice
CB2822"w x 28"h$115
CB3622"w x 36"h$130
CB4822"w x 48"h$145
cork board materials


Bulletin resilient tackable surface sheet material. Does NOT dry out, peel, crack or crumble. Tacks can be inserted easily and gripped firmly

cork board bacteria resistant

Resistance to Bacteria

Provides a self-sanitizing quality in the form of a bacteriostatic effect. Independent testing has shown that our bulletin boards have a sterile zone around the material that inhibits the growth of organisms such as Staphylococcus aureas and Costridium difficile

cork board anti-static


Our HD cork boards are naturally anti-static. This property makes cleaning easier because dirt and dust does not cling to the surface as it does with other materials

cork board construction


Constructed of a homogeneous tackable surface material made primarily of natural materials including linseed oil, cork, rosin binders and dry pigments mixed and calendared onto a natural jute backing. The uni-color extends throughout the thickness of the material.

cork board washable


The linoleum surface provides for a washable finish to retain original appearance. The surface can be wiped or washed using a neutral pH cleaner, such as Forbo Marmoleum Floor Cleaner. Rinse with clean water after cleaning.

cork board light reflection

Light Reflection

Available in matte colors so that light reflection cause by sunlight or articial light is reduced.

Wood Literature/Brochure Holders

Optional Wood Literature Dispensers (for 4" x 9" Literature)
Wood Brochure Holders and Literature Racks
Style #PocketsPrice
*Includes adjustable dividers on non-convex units

Solid Granite Base

Optional Solid Granite Base

Available in your choice of two granite colors. Call for details.