SmartPak Combination Boards

Smart-Pak Combination Boards utilize a modular, finished-component style that delivers the same great look and performance while requiring less time and labor to install saving you money. Smart-Pak Combination Board's design offers an eco-friendly solution by reducing the packaging material by 25% versus traditional boards. This results in more reliable shipping and less in-transit freight damage making your job easier.

Gemini Colored Cork Tackboard Gemini Colored Cork Tackboard
Style # Total Size Markerboard Size Side Tackboard Size Price
SPC48D 4ft x 8ft 4ft x 4ft 4ft x 2ft $680
SPC410D 4ft x 10ft 4ft x 6ft 4ft x 2ft $809
SPC412D 4ft x 12ft 4ft x 8ft 4ft x 2ft $950
SPC416D 4ft x 16ft 4ft x 12ft 4ft x 2ft $1,125
  • Modular solution saves time and money
  • Easily replaceable sections
  • Porcelain surface will accept magnets, resist scratches and stains
  • Tack surface - 10 vinyl colors and natural cork options to seamlessly match any classroom or office
  • Frame is satin-anodized aluminum
  • Inlcudes 1" map rail, tray with protective end caps
  • SmartPak Tray detached for easier installation, reduced damage potential