SFWFL2228 Swing-Open Frame

Wide-faced frame made of extruded aluminum in two finishes. Swing open front for easy changing! Posters attach via repostionable tapes. Specify Satin Silver or Black finish. Comes complete with faceplate. Available with or without locks.

SFWFL2228 Swing-Open Frame
Style # Insert Size Lock Price
SFWF8511 8.5"w x 11"h No $63
SFWFL8511 8.5"w x 11"h Yes $98
SFWF1114 11"w x 14"h No $79
SFWFL1114 11"w x 14"h Yes $114
SFWF2228 22"w x 28"h No $199
SFWFL2228 22"w x 28"h Yes $235
SFWF2436 24"w x 36"h No $247
SFWFL2436 24"w x 36"h Yes $282