Shaped Sign and Poster Stands

Our experienced design team here at Marino Custom Display can quickly create innovative and distinctive custom poster frames, poster floor stand displays in wood, metal and acrylic that effectively sell your product while increasing brand recognition.

TRPX-T Sign Stand
Style # Graphic Size Style Price
TRPX1-T 48"w x 24"h Triangular $299
TRPX2-T 60"w x 24"h Triangular $319
TRPX3-T 72"w x 24"h Triangular $349
TRPX4-T 48"w x 30"h Triangular $309
TRPX5-T 60"w x 30"h Triangular $329
TRPX6-T 72"w x 30"h Triangular $349
SQPX1-T 48"w x 24"h Square $379
SQPX2-T 60"w x 24"h Square $419
SQPX3-T 72"w x 24"h Square $439
SQPX4-T 48"w x 30"h Square $399
SQPX5-T 60"w x 30"h Square $429
SQPX6-T 72"w x 30"h Square $449
RCPX1-T 30"w x 24"h x 48"d Rectangular $355
RCPX2-T 30"w x 24"h x 48"d Rectangular $409
RCPX3-T 30"w x 24"h x 72"d Rectangular $549
RCPX4-T 36"w x 24"h x 48"d Rectangular $389
RCPX5-T 36"w x 24"h x 60"d Rectangular $419
RCPX6-T 36"w x 24"h x 72"d Rectangular $419
  • Attractive curvilinear aluminum alloy frames
  • Creative delivery of graphic designs and messages
  • Integral steel braces insure strength and rigidity
  • Available in satin silver or matte black
  • 5 minute assembly
  • Top loading frame
  • Accepts 3/16" full graphics
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TRPX-T Sign Stand TRPX-T Sign Stand
TRPX-T Sign Stand